How to choose the perfect Thai Boxing Glove

Here at Big Buddha Store we have plenty of options to choose from. We only stock the best quality full leather Thai brands imported direct from the manufacturer. We don't sell other cheaper western boxing brands as they aren't designed for clinching & they don’t have the quality and feel like the Thai ones. The majority of these other brands have their gloves made in other countries which incorporate cheaper manufacturing, which become highly apparent when you use them.

Types of gloves

Training Gloves - Used in all aspects of kickboxing such as clinching, pad & bag work. These are generally lighter & smaller in size than sparring gloves.

Sparring Gloves - Bigger in size & heavier than training gloves giving your hands & your sparring partner more impact protection.

Bag Gloves - Very light and designed for hitting light bags & pads only.  They offer little protection.


Glove weights - General Guide

  8 oz. – for training in very light weight classes

10 oz. – for training in light weight classes

12 oz. – for training in medium weight classes or sparring in very light weight classes

14 oz. – for training in medium weight classes or sparring in light weight classes

16 oz. – for training in heavy weight classes or sparring in medium weight classes

18 oz. – for training in heavy weight classes or sparring in heavy weight classes

Training in heavier gloves builds stronger arms compared to lighter gloves.

Training in lighter gloves builds speed compared to heavier ones.

How many pairs of gloves do I need?

Most people opt for two pairs of gloves - A lighter pair for training & a heavier pair for non technical sparring. However if you are on a budget a single pair of heavier gloves will be suffice, although 5 rounds on a heavy bag with heavy gloves on will probably be too much!!!!


Do I need hand wraps?

Yes, gloves on their own aren't sufficient enough to protect your hands & wrists from injury. Wraps also contribute to reducing the amount of sweat absorbed by your glove thus prolonging the life of them. Wash hand wraps after every session.

Leather Glove Care - Avoid Cracks

Look after your gloves - Always wear clean hand wraps. Keep them out of direct sunlight & aired while not in use. Don't use any cleaning products. Wipe them down with a clean, damp rag once a week. Always dry out naturally & use clean kitchen roll to remove excess moisture - avoid radiators & any warm/hot settings on hairdryers. If they do start to smell a little antibacterial hand gel on the inside only wont do them any harm.


Twins Gloves

Twins are notoriously tight & uncomfortable initially but will break in so well that they feel like a custom fit once they're broken in. Once they do break in....they mould to your hand. Give it time and they'll be great. Plenty of light bag work to start will sort them out for you.